How to play MyVegas POP! Slots

The latest MyVegas app is POP! Slots. The name may already give it away a bit, this app from July 2016 is also based on slot machines, but you earn your loyalty points in a new way.

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Download and play POP! Slots

Pop Slots CasinoPOP! slots will run on both Android and iOS devices. Download and install the app in the app store, after that you can immediately link it to your Facebook account. You’ll synchronize your account with the other MyVegas apps and therefore also your loyalty points. There is also a daily bonus and a bonus per two hours, the amount of the bonus depends on your level. I get 4 million chips as a daily bonus, and 1 million per 2 hours. And that is at level 61. In this game your level also determines the access you have to certain casinos.

Earn loyalty points

The slot games are very good and has a completely different gameplay than other MyVegas games. There are several casinos where you can enter, and per casino you’ll find “simple” slot machines and machines where you play with multiple players for a bonus game. The latter is fun, everyone will join the same bonus game and will earn money based on the bet size. If you have earned a place (or more) in the bonus game and stop playing in the meantime, you do participate in the bonus game and you will receive your bonus as soon as you open the app again.

POP! Slots balloons

While spinning on the slots you’ll blow up balloons. Your fellow players on those special cabinets do that too. Those balloons will go up when they are full and you have to “pop” them before they are gone. Here comes the name of the game, POP! Slots. That balloon can contain loyalty (50 points), chips or experience. If a promotion is running, there may also be promos for extra bonus games, for example. Of course you want loyalty point, but it seems to be quite random. Bet higher does get you more balloons, but doesn’t seem to affect how often you can pop a balloon with loyalty points.

POP! Slots Rewards

Pop Slots RewardsAlso in POP! Slots you can exchange your loyalty for rewards. The offer here can also differ from the other apps, so take a good look at what you want and book before it is sold out. Remember the validity, after 30 days a voucher will expire again and that is a waste of your loyalty points!

Pop Slots ChipsPOP! Slots Free Chips will post POP! Slots free chips on a daily basis. Since POP! Slots is a mobile only app, you can collect free chips only from Android or IOS devices. Get POP! Slots free Chips!


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