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How to play MyVegas Mobile

MyVegas Mobile is available in both the Android and IOS app store. First of all, we would advise to link the app to your Facebook account. This way your loyalty points and MyVIP points are synchronized.

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Login into MyVegas Mobile

Once you are logged in, you will remain so, except after a major update, or for example, changing a phone, you may have to pair again. Linking is usually requested after opening the app, if it does not, you can easily change it in the Settings menu.

Earning Chips

You can also play with chips in MyVegas Slots. The chips are only for this app, so they are separate from the chips in other apps and games. You can spin the bonus wheel once a day, which will give you a number of bonus chips. There is also a bonus every two hours, which you can redeem in the app at the touch of a button. How many chips you get depends on your level (also dependent on other apps and games) and your MyVIPS status (this is synchronized across all apps).

MyVegas Daily bonus

You also get MyVIPS bonus points that you can collect every two hours. If you do not return exactly after two hours, the counter will start again for 2 hours from the moment you have collected your bonus. So they don’t pile up if you don’t look in your app for a few hours.

You’ll receive an email with bonus chips every day. Just open the mail and click on the link (via your smartphone or tablet) and the chips will be credited. Your friends who also play MyVegas can send you chips in the app, and you can send them chips. This is possible once a day and it concerns a small number, but every little bit helps.

MyVegas Slotmachines

There are over 50 machines to choose from. And new ones are added regularly. For example, there are collaborations with the movie Brides Maids and with basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who have their own game. Each machine has its own bonus games, from a golf course (Shaq 9 with Shaquille) to choosing random cards until you are finished. Those games make it varied and therefore fun to play. If you are tired of a slot, you can choose another one and you are immediately in a completely different game. Of course, free spins can also be earned almost everywhere.

MyVegas Loyalty Points

MYVegas Loyalty PointsAs with the Facebook game, you can earn the most loyalty points by playing on a slotmachine. Each spin contributes to filling a meter and when the ‘jar’ is full you get loyalty points. The higher your level, the more you have to spin to complete the “game”, but also the more loyalty points you earn per full meter. This increases with 5 loyalty points per level. The higher the amount you spin, the quicker the meter will increase.

MyVegas Missions

MyVegas MissionsThere is an extra game element built into MyVegas Slots: Missions. Find a visitor on the strip to start your Missions. When a Mission has been started you’ll have one day to complete the mission task.  Each missions have it’s own assignment, linked to one or more slot machines. Win a prize for every completed task.

MyVegas Rewards

MyVegas RewardsBecause you link MyVegas Mobile Slots to your Facebook account, your loyalty points will be synchronized. I have noticed that the range of rewards can differ per app (and per person). You can exchange points and obtain rewards via Facebook and one of the apps (in addition to MyVegas Slots also MyKONAMI, MyVegas BlackJack and Pop! Slots). The tip is therefore to check what you want and how many points you have, and what you can get for that in the different apps, and only then order. Important to know: rewards are available on a limited basis, so if you’ve seen something you would like to do, don’t wait too long to order! Remember the conditions (valid for a maximum of one month) so that you don’t exchange your hard-earned loyalty for nothing.

MyVegas-MobileMyVegas Free Chips

To collect even more extra chips, you can collect daily free chips. Since MyVegas Mobile is a mobile only app, you can collect free chips only from Android or IOS devices. Check daily for MyVegas mobile free chips!


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